Hello World

Hello! Welcome welcome. Nice to see you. How’s your mom and them? Excellent. I’m here to today to expose myself, emotionally and creatively, I mean. You see I am an artist. I’m an actor, writer, creator, and human (at least as far as I know). And I want to share my story.

I guess I should tell you the basics. I’m Brooke. I live in Atlanta. I’m pursuing a career in acting.

I wanted to start a blog to talk about my journey in the acting world. For a long time I’ve wanted to, but I didn’t think I qualified. I have no agent. I have no real film credits. I’m not on IMDB, and I still haven’t picked out my “perfect” headshot.

I moved to Atlanta three years ago after graduating from college to pursue my “dream” of acting. I studied acting for four years, but when I got here I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about the industry. Or how to survive on my own. Since then a lot has happened. I’ve had numerous jobs I hated. I’ve wrecked my car, lost my dog of 15 years, broken my wrist which left me jobless and penniless. But I’ve also been a maid of honor in my best friends wedding, become a god mother, and made incredible new connections. So, yeah I’ve experienced a lot. And all of this while wanting to pursue acting.

But back to why I want to share my story with acting. I read the articles on backstage all the time. I’ve literally stayed up all night reading articles from Secret Agent Man. He’s my favorite. But sometimes when I read these articles, I just get frustrated. The authors have all been in the business for 20 plus years. They know what they are doing. They know what they are talking about which is great, but sometimes I just want to hear from someone who is like me, someone who is still trying trying to scratch the surface. I want to hear from someone who is actually struggling to survive, not someone who is financially secure and stable. I thought about that for awhile. In fact at the time I got this idea to blog about my own journey into acting I thought,” I want to hear from someone who has $1.79 in their bank account and doesn’t know what’s coming next.” And then it hit me! That’s me. I had 1.79 in my bank account, and maybe the blog I want to be reading is the blog I should be writing. So here goes. This is going to be my personal story, my personal experience as an actor, and as a person. Hope to see you there.